Friday, August 25, 2006

The poetry of Johann Dieter Wassmann

Many thanks to Blue Tea for her very kind August 18th post. For a tour of her 11 must-see museums, including our sister institution, The Wassmann Foundation, have a look at the link below. Here's what she has to say: "Johann Dieter Wassmann is a wonderful and engrossing artist I'm ashamed never to have heard of before discovering The Wassmann Foundation, located in Washington. D.C. I adore his boxed works, assemblages of objects, drawings, text, paintings, and diagrams placed inside compartmentalized wooden frames. They're unusual, meticulous, and beautiful, a graceful blend of science, art, craft, and poem." We couldn't agree with you more Bluewyvern. Many thanks again. Image: Johann Dieter Wassmann, VORWARTS! 1897. 575 x 310 x 95 mm.

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