Monday, June 23, 2008

Director's recovery proceeding well

The Wassmann Foundation, Washington, D.C., reports director Jeff Wassmann (pictured at right on a recent trip to Paris) is recovering well from open heart surgery in Australia earlier this month and is expected to return state-side in October. Meanwhile, his staff is busy finalizing last minute details for the repatriation of Johann Dieter Wassmann's remaining boxed assemblage works to Leipzig later this summer.

I've only just returned from Washington myself and I must thank everyone at the foundation for their enthusiastic support of MuseumZeitraum. Without their relentless efforts under increasingly difficult financial circumstances, Johann Dieter Wassmann's pioneering early modernist legacy would risk once again sliding into obscurity. We look forward with great enthusiasm to the arrival of these works in Leipzig as we prepare a hero's welcome for the museum's September 2009 opening.

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