Monday, January 22, 2007

Paris-Vienna-Düsseldorf (TEE)

After a busy week trying to tell one Ken Burns effects from another, I’ve wrapped my first iMovie in these wee hours, bringing the early modern photographs of Johann Dieter Wassmann, to the music of Kraftwerk, (yes Kraftwerk). The seven-minute short film uses the rarely seen images Johann captured from moving trains with his hand-held roll-film camera in 1897. I do hope I’ve conveyed some sense of both the angst and excitement Johann experienced with the onset of ‘progress’ represented by the iron horse. Paris-Vienna-Düsseldorf (TEE) can now be seen on YouTube.

Astute viewers may recognize many of these photographs from the ARIA award-winning jazz CD Before Time Could Change Us by Australia’s premier jazz composer and pianist Paul Grabowsky. Mr. Grabowsky, who has written the music for the films of directors Paul Cox, Fred Schepisi and Gillian Armstrong, has agreed to write the score for the upcoming documentary The Foundation, celebrating the life and work of Johann Dieter Wassmann (Richard Moore: producer).

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