Saturday, January 27, 2007


Sorry for abandoning my post(s) lately, but here at MuseumZeitraum we've been busy creating more short films on the work of Johann Dieter Wassmann for your viewing pleasure, which you'll find on YouTube. Vorwarts! (Go Forward!) is our latest effort, a commentary on Johann's anxiety at the accelerated rate of 'progress' in the late nineteenth century. You might also be interested in having a look at our newMuseumZeitraum Channel on YouTube.

For even more serious film-going, I'm off to the Berlin Film Festival next week. I'll also be catching up with Richard Moore in Berlin, director of the Melbourne International Film Festival, who in his other role as independent film-maker is currently producing The Foundation, a documentary on the life and work of Johann Dieter Wassmann and our efforts here at MuseumZeitraum to repatriate his collected works home to Germany. I'll keep you posted on both matters.

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